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To guarantee that your doors stay in the most ideal condition for a long time, so it must be routinely checked. Maintenance should be needed at least once a year; however, for heavy usage doors it should be done either quarterly a year or partially a year.

We have different types of door maintenance contracts from single door to multi-door sites. During the site visits, these agreements are custom-made by one of our sales team members.

AStandard Inspection includes minor repairs on surface fittings whilst a full Inspection includes minor repairs on both surface and concealed fittings.

During a typical maintenance and inspection visit, the following work is carried out:

  • All Manual door components are visually inspected for wear and damage, including
    • Door leaves and frame
    • Hinges, locks, and door furniture
    • Closures, arms, and pivots
    • Tracks and sliding gear
    • Any door seals
  • The operation of the Automatic door is tested, including:
    • Test the activation
    • Test any controlled entry equipment
    • Test any safety features
    • Check all electrical connections and battery backup
    • Check the drive mechanism and motor
    • Switch the operation to emergency manual
    • Lubrication of all moving parts, as necessary

We will also report how your door meets current legislation, in particular the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and BS 7036.

On completion of the maintenance and inspection visit a report is sent out detailing any remedial work which is required to ensure correct door operation.

If you are currently in need of maintenance of one of your doors, then you can receive a service call by filling out the form in the contact us section or email us at