Stainless Steel Shopfronts

The Stainless-Steel outlined shopfronts are ideal for many Businessenvironments, for example:

  • Retail outlets
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping centres
  • Offices
  • Car showrooms

The fundamental Stainless-Steel framed shopfront involves a Swing door leaf andoutline and can be provided as either a solitary left/right open or double door.The door leaf can be arranged to Swing inwards, outwards or in the twoheadings, Sear or Bi-separating Sliding and Sliding Collapsing.

The special Stainless steel Clad Aluminium Profile is used to build door leaf and frame and can be provided just as a door leaf, replaceable of the damaged leaf, or as a total shopfront system, Fixed Side Screens and Over Head Transom Panels.

The Polish Stainless Steel (PSS) or Satin Stainless Steel is used for the finish of all our stainless-Steel framed Shopfronts. Coating alternatives include Single or DoubleCoating for Clear, Coloured, Reflective Laminate or Hardened glass, with StrongNon-straightforward Boards and Louver Panels likewise accessible.

The Floor Concealed Door Closer and Top Rotate are some standard alternatives of Stainless-Steel Framed Shopfront door leaf that take into consideration smooth self-shutting activity, Pad Handles on the two sides of the door, and a letter Plate whenever required.

Security is given by a 5 Switch Deadlock and, for double-leaf doorstop and baseFlush Rushes to the idle leaf. To secure against climate conditions the door is fitted with Wool-pile Strips on the side, Brush Seals on the lower part of the door, and an Aluminium threshold.

The determination of the door can be changed according to site necessity or ondemand.

  • Door Furniture supplied as Standard includes:
    • Pad handles both sides
    • Concealed transom door closer (90° hold-open or non-hold-open)
    • Wool-pile seals
    • Brush weather seals
    • Dead hook throw bolt lock with key open-able both sides
    • Top and bottom flush bolts (double leaf doors application)
    • Aluminium threshold
    • Mid-rail
    • Letter plate (if require)
  • Customized Door (Optional) includes:
    • Lay-bars
    • Side-screens and transom
    • Finger trap protection
    • Numerous of lock and handle configurations
    • Emergency exit hardware
    • Electric strike or Electromagnetic lock controlled entry (e.g. intercom, digital keypad, proximity fob etc.)