Toughened Glass Doors

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The Toughened Glass Entrance Doors are mainly for pedestrian access from low to medium volume in different commercial environments. These doors can be used in offices and residential buildings or for the entrance of the buildings. The Toughened Glass Entrance Door set meets the requirements of the DDA and helps the maximum appearance of glass.

The fundamental door set includes a door leaf and frame and can be provided as a single left/right open entryway, double door. The door leaf can be arranged to swing inwards, outwards, or in both directions

The door set can be supplied as a door leaf only, to change the old and broken leaves, or a frame including complete entrance system, transform panels and side screens and overhead panels to further enhance aesthetic of the entrance

Glazing option includes 12mm, 10mm and 8mm toughened or clear glass has polished edges and vinyl graphics and manifestation which can provide customization.

All these fittings can be provided with a Stainless Steel, Brass, Silver Anodized or Bronze Anodized finish. The colour of the door and the door handles should contrast the colours of the environment to help the people with visual impairment.

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The door leaf and frame are made of the standard aluminum profile and can also be provided only as a door lead, to change the old and broken leaves, or can be supplied as a complete entrance system including the frame.

All complete door sets are coated with polyester powder to any RAL color, including finishes of Satin and Bronze Anodise. The colors of the door and door handles should also contrast with the environment so that they can help people with visual impairment. Glazing options include clear single or double glazing, tinted, reflective laminate, or toughened glass, including solid non-transparent panels and louver panels, which are also available. The basic options of Aluminium entrance doors consist of a concealed transform door closure and bottom pivot so that the pad handles on both sides of the door are closed smoothly

Security is supplied by a deadlock and, for double lead doors, bottom and top flush bolts to the inactive leaf. The doors are fitted with Wool-pile strips on the sides, brush seals on the bottom of the door and an aluminium threshold

  • Typical Door Furniture Package includes:
    • Concealed Floor Closer with Cover plate
    • Patch Fittings with Cover Plates
    • A choice of Handles
    • Aluminium Threshold
  • Customized Door (Optional) includes::
    • Top and Bottom Rail with Cover Plates
    • Stainless Steel Letter Plate
    • Emergency Exit Hardware
    • Finger Trap Protection
    • Numerous of Lock and Handle configurations
    • Emergency Exit Hardware
    • Electric Strike or Electromagnetic Lock controlled entry (e.g. intercom, digital keypad, proximity fob etc.)